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Baby’s Medicine Kit: What you should keep on hand

Dear First Time Mom,
CONGRATULATIONS from Simi Pharmacy ! You did it !
But now, does taking care of Baby look a bit daunting? Babies can come down with all sorts of medical problems. Particularly with the small problems, there is usually a quick and easy remedy … but maybe you’re not sure what to do, or fear that you may do the wrong thing.  We know what that’s like — we’ve got a whole lot of moms working here at Simi Pharmacy.While, our job is not to pile you with a ton of advice, we CAN give you some peace of mind when it comes to putting together a basic medicine kit just for Baby. Read on …

What you should keep What it’s good for
Zinc oxide cream Diaper rash
Anti-inflammatory salve (Usually, this is hydrocortisone in 0.5 to 1.0 per cent strength.) Itchy bites or eczema.  Check with your doctor before use and use it for max seven days at a stretch, not more.
Antiseptic ointment (mild, non-stinging) Minor cuts and scrapes.
Coconut oil Dry skin and diaper rash.

Try giving baby a nice, full body massage with a bit of warm oil, then wrap up in a warm towel.  The little one will go right to sleep.

Teething medication If teething toys aren’t providing enough relief, a topical remedy can help.
Tylenol (Baby acetaminophen, milder than ibuprofen) Fever or pain.  Check with your doctor before you give this.
Saline nasal drops Clear baby’s stuffy nose. Use as drops or in a nasal aspirator.
Electrolyte solution Prevents dehydration.

Don’t take diarrhea/vomiting lightly. Talk to your doctor immediately to figure out what’s wrong.

Simethicone drops Relief from gas.  They may or may not work but they’re safe since they aren’t absorbed into the body.
Syringe Syringes work better than medicine droppers. They don’t drip and are easy to direct into Baby’s mouth.
Hollow-handled spoon Fill with medicine. Works well for babies old enough to sit up.
Bulb syringe Useful for getting excess mucus out of Baby’s nose. Put in saline drops; wait til mucus softens; remove with bulb syringe.
Cotton balls and swabs Handy for all kinds of things
Baby-size nail clippers Trim once a week – preferably while they’re sleeping.

These books give reliable, easy-to-understand instructions on what to do in emergencies:
First Aid Fast Reference Guide published by the American Red Cross
Guía Práctica de Primeros Auxilios by Drs Viver and Marín

New Mom, you can turn to Simi Pharmacy for ALL pediatric medications and baby supplies. If your pediatrician prescribes something out of the ordinary, trust us to get it for you at top speed.

And if YOU are feeling worn to a frazzle, we stock vitamins especially formulated for women and protein supplements too.
Wishing you and your baby a wonderful life,
Ever yours,

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