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Affordable insulin … if court finds for California

If you suffer from diabetes, then we at Simi Pharmacy have probably known you for a long time.
Not only do you have a condition that brings you to our pharmacy on a regular basis, you have one that can evolve, so from time to time you bring us modified prescriptions.

Rest assured, whether your prescription is “same old, same old” or a revised recipe, we follow the doctor’s instructions to the letter.
Controlling diabetes costs serious money. In fact, it is getting so costly that many state governments are looking for ways to regulate insulin prices.

Just this month, the state of California filed a lawsuit against three companies who make insulin and three companies who manage prescription drug programs that provide insulin. The state accuses the manufacturers and prescription managers of acting together to keep the price of insulin high and push it higher. The prescription managers are accused of colluding with manufacturers to get a percentage of the price in exchange for prominently promoting high-price insulin over cheaper alternatives.
We hope that the court will rule in favor of California – which is of course in favor of YOU.
And did you know that California is moving ahead with an even more significant way to reduce insulin cost? The state government wants to make insulin and sell it at cost price. Last year, the State Legislature approved $100 million for the project, with $50 million set aside for developing three types of insulin and the rest going to a potential manufacturing facility. If this generic insulin comes on the market, all insulin prices will fall immediately and dramatically.

Q:   What Can You Do to Keep the Cost of Your Insulin Manageable?

A:  ASK US !

Simi Pharmacy is on YOUR SIDE. We are not a giant chain. We are like you, and we know that a family has to look for every possible way to stretch its budget.
We want to help you can get the medication you need at the minimum price and we are HIGHLY COMPETENT to advise you because we know a lot about insurance and how different insurance companies pay for insulin.
You may be eligible for an assistance program.
For example, some insurance companies will accept what is called a prior authorization. That means your doctor can write a letter explaining why you need a specific type of insulin.
Low-income and uninsured persons can take advantage of some assistance programs offered by non-profit groups.
There are also assistance programs that can apply if your employer opts into it.
And some less costly generic versions of various insulin brands are now on the market.


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